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Access control is the ability to permit or deny entry to your premises without requiring a key. It is highly desirable in companies with a large number of employees, companies with a high turnover rate, or companies that allow access to customers during off business hours. Keyless entry (access by means other than key), allows you to grant or remove access permission for single individuals at any time. This removes the need to rekey your business when an employee leaves your employment and eliminates the business disruption caused by getting new keys to the remaining employees.

Our Access Controllocksmith services include: Locksmith Installs, Maintains, and Services Access Control Systems with:
Pin code access systems
Single door, stand alone keyless entry - ideal for storefront businesses, single offices, and rooms where parts, records, or computer equipment are stored.
Wireless access control systems. No wires to run. Instant updates to all locks. Remote access.
Card Access or Proximity Access control system - uses cards and FOBs instead of pin codes
Access control on doors with push paddles and panic bars
Systems with over 1000 users
Automatic lock down functions
Audit trail and access reports
And much, much more

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