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Intercom systems are a popular security tool for both commercial and residential purposes. we offer a comprehensive array of intercom solutions for your home or business.

Home intercom systems are easy to install and can be a good way to put your mind at rest about the safety of your property and its contents. Whether you live in a large family home or a small apartment, intercom systems can be installed in a variety of environments to suit your needs
Today’s intercom systems range in complexity from the most basic one-button Master to Sub units, to more advanced keypad-based setups, to state-of-the art systems featuring video surveillance and hardy all-weather capabilities. we provides full range of systems, from the budget-conscious to the cutting edge. We perform both installation and maintenance.
With an intercom system in place, your home or property has that added protection and you’ll know that only the people you feel comfortable giving access to will be let into your home. The other aspect of having an intercom for your home is that luxury of not having to go to the door every time – by speaking into the telephone intercom system, you can see who is at your door and choose whether to grant them access or greet them face to face. This solves any awkward situations where you may not want to deal with a stranger who appears at your door.
Our intercomlocksmith services include:
»Security camera systems (CCTV)
»Access control system
»Alarm systems
»Exit devices »Gun and fire safes » Electronic keypads and keyless entries
» Panic bar installation
» Master systems and high-security locks operations
» Changes on safe combination’s or new safe installations
» File cabinet locks maintenance, repair and/or upgrades
»Master key services
»Door closers
»File cabinet, vault and safe locks
»Gates and iron works
»Intercom systems
»Deadbolt and high security door locks
»Plus many more high security locks and key services


Business Intercom Systems Access control solutions range from keypad based technologies, to PC controlled systems which can also help with payroll services and monitoring staff and visitor’s movements. Many of our clients find that these services give them reassurance as well as practical, effective protection for the contents of their properties. Business intercom systems Intercoms with telephone systems can be installed to allow for greater control over visitors and those wishing to gain entry to your property. These are easy to use and can be installed with multiple phones for buildings with a larger capacity. With the right measures in place, you can make sure only authorised persons gain access to your business, and those who aren’t authorised are screened and monitored before being granted access. Training staff once these intercom systems have been put in place is also important, so that people know how to use these security measures correctly.

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